photo credit: Anchor Yoga

photo credit: Anchor Yoga

Private Transformational Yoga Lesson, 60 minute session $75

Transformational Yoga is specifically tailored for the individual human system.

After a brief assessment and discussion, we will work together to design a practice that will both nurture and strengthen, freeing up stuck places and strengthening the over-flexible. Supplement your knowledge with the movements and mechanics that will best suit your body, your most valuable and irreplaceable possession.

Please bring a yoga mat, and any yoga props you have available for use at home.

Personal Practice, 60 minute consultation $75

Self-care is one of the most highly recommended practices to living a fulfilling, healthy life. In our fast-paced, competitive world, how do we define self-care?

What have we lost by replacing sacred ritual with distractions and busy schedules?

This is a uniquely personal question, and Lindsay will guide you through designing a daily practice that will enrich and nurture your life in whatever time your schedule allows. Make time to commune with yourself and true presence will follow.

photo credit: Anchor Yoga

photo credit: Anchor Yoga

Reiki Healing, 30 minute session for $45

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing and a healthy immune system.

When our life force energy is low, we may feel any number of negative effects including lethargy, stress, and even more susceptibility to illness. Healing is administered by the “laying on of hands” to the personal energy field. Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing, which can offer support and assistance to any challenge that you may face.

Please note that traditional Reiki does not require any physical contact, if that is a concern for your comfort level.

Intuitive Energy Work, 60 minute session for $75

During an Intuitive Energy Work session, the practitioner enters a meditative state to meet your physical and energetic systems exactly where they are. From whatever state you enter, space can be created for deep healing and connection with the universal life energy.

This method of healing can address energetic and physical blockages, making space for the free flow of energy, releasing where you feel stuck, and creating a sense of ease.

Traditional Thai Bodywork, 60 Minute session for $80

Traditional Thai Bodywork, 90 minute session for $110

Traditional Thai Bodywork is a shadow dance between practitioner and receiver. It can also be described as a passive yoga practice, wherein the receiver is placed into common yoga poses that are beneficial to the body. The receiver remains clothed, comfortably lying prone, supine, or on their sides on a soft mat. Compression and stretching are applied to bring balance and ease, and to promote symmetry in the physical and energetic systems. 

Traditional Thai Bodywork is said to have been created by a Thai physician, Doctor Shivago Komarpaj, over 2,000 years ago. This comprehensive form of traditional therapy is one of the essential limbs of traditional Thai Medicine, a preventative, health-based system that addresses imbalances in the physical, energetic, and spiritual layers of the body. Thai Bodywork addresses the muscular system, as well as the energetic Sen lines, which have a close correspondence with the slightly more well-known meridian lines of Chinese Medicine. These lines of energy run throughout the body - when in balance, they are a fully self-regulating delivery system of essential life force. When out of balance, blockages can contribute to physical injury or illness, as well as emotional and spiritual maladies.

photo credit: Anchor Yoga

photo credit: Anchor Yoga