Are you tired? Anxious?

Recovering from a physical injury?

Looking for gentle way to take care of your physical body, and nurture connection with yourself?


The Lotus Route is a synthesis of many ways to eliminate stagnant energy, let go of what no longer serves our highest good, and cultivate a life that is full of joy and ease. We all go through the mud from time to time (sometimes it feels like all the time), and it is that mud that moves us forward on our journey.

Just as discarded food becomes compost for a healthy and vibrant garden, emerging through our most difficult experiences in life with gentleness and compassion is what nurtures our resilience, and informs our future selves to live for what brings us home to what we truly value.


Classes & Events

Check out my upcoming classes and events! I currently hold all of my classes and events at Anchor Yoga in Mattapoisett.


Healing Services & Private Lessons

I provide a myriad of healing services and private lessons to assist in healing, balancing and opening you to complete wellness of body, mind and soul.


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Check out my blog for my thoughts and elaborations on teaching practices, self-exploration, and healing.


Hi, I’m Lindsay

I am deeply devoted to being of service to my authentic life, my local community, and everyone on a path of self-discovery and healing. I believe that the more we can cultivate compassion and authenticity in our lives, the more we can heal the world around us.