Taking a Break From Circling to Dive Deep

Happy New Moon, Wild Women!

This most recent new moon was our very last in the Tiny Revolutions Cycle through the Wild Woman Project. And what that means is that in circle this year we have spent this year investigating our relationships to everything within our sphere of influence in our lives. We all have preconceptions about what a Revolution looks like (sometimes large, violent, frightening undertakings), and as I have spent so much time digging into this idea over the past year, this is what personal revolution means to me: if you close your eyes and think about living your most authentic life, what does that look like? Are there small or large changes you can make, to fully inhabit your potential? And if you close your eyes and think about what kind of world you are longing to pass down, looking ahead to the future in five, ten, fifteen generations, what do you see? Is it more love, more authenticity, more compassion? Is it clean water, fresh air, and a healthy earth? What values do we want to embody in this lifetime? What do we want to hand down to the children of the future, and what changes can we make now, to make space for that to happen? Although the changes we make may feel small, the ripple effect of our aligned actions is immeasurable.

Living in alignment with our values is so important. Walking our own authentic path, and checking our intuitive sense of direction, is what leads us to a life fully lived. For now, I will be taking a break from leading circles for two reasons. One, to get in touch with my own authentic way of leading, and to align myself with making this work more my own moving forward. The Wild Woman Project is a fantastic, wonderful organization, and I want to apply my intuition to their thematic cues as fully as possible now that I have some experience with leadership. And two, so that I can spend as much time outdoors and unplugged as possible over the next few months.

After a couple of years of leading circle I want to know what you are looking for in community, for support, and for self exploration. Do we need more dance parties? More sharing? More crafting? More movement, more stillness, more time in nature? Are daytime circles best, or would you like to see more evening events on the schedule? Let me know! ️ What do you want to explore, and how can our work together support you?

This month I attended the Wild Woman Fest - camping out on top of a magical mountain, and the time was spent diving deep into spiritual work, and wondrous childlike play. We danced, we ate chocolate cake, and we howled at the moon. It was very healing time, and a very motivational time, and I want to embody that magic as fully as I can - to bring it home to my students, and to hold space for us all as we grow. I look forward to reconnecting with you, and hearing about how you have been, how you are now, and how you will be as you move forward with intention and in your own power. I invite you to follow me on social media for updates (unless you're unplugging from social media, and then go you!), and check out the schedule on my website to see upcoming classes and events. I hope that the turning of the year brings you coziness, self-care, and all the things that bring you home to yourself.

Supportive Hands at Your Back, and Best Wishes,



Contemplations on Meditation

Contemplations on Meditation

Meditation is hard, folks. Everywhere we look, someone is telling us to meditate. I’m surprised we don’t see commercials yet - “Have wrinkles? Try meditating!” Actually, kidding, I am SURE that I’ve seen that. The entire medical field seems to be in agreement, now, finally adding their belated scientific go-ahead to practices that indigenous wisdom has been guiding communities through for thousands of years. Meditation helps our physical, mental, and emotional health. It allows us to be present in more moments of this precious…